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UCF’s Fully Online Degrees

With 25 years of experience providing top online degrees, UCF is a trusted source for innovative education technology. And with more than 100 online programs, we offer some of the best online degrees for students no matter where they live.

Recognized as a leader in innovation, UCF puts you on the path to success — whether your goal is to move up the ranks at your current job or go after the one you have always wanted. Earning a college degree opens the door to opportunity and with UCF Online, you get a quality education without ever having to step foot on campus. We tailor digital learning to fit your needs, from flexible programs to affordable course materials to support from your advisor every step of the way. Ready to see what tomorrow has in store?

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A top 15 Institution

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Ranked as a Top 15 online program by U.S. News & World Report, UCF believes everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue their dreams. UCF designed its online degree programs to make education affordable and accessible for everyone. An online degree from UCF creates opportunities for people to improve their life and, by doing so, make the world a better place.

The Power of Online Education

What can an online degree do for your future? Finishing your bachelor’s degree, studying a new field, or earning a certificate or master’s degree gives you the power to choose from more career possibilities and make a greater impact on your personal success.

Online education helps you obtain your diploma

Higher Ed, Higher Pay

Individuals who hold a bachelor’s degree receive an average wage of $32.49 an hour — over 60% more than those with some college experience.

Investing yourself balances the scale in your favor

Invest in Yourself

Few investments yield as high a return as a college degree, according to The Brookings Institution. When you invest in higher education, you are investing in your future.

People who earned higher education degrees are less likely to be unemployed

Lower Unemployment

The unemployment rate for people with a bachelor’s degree is less than half what it is for workers who have earned an associate degree or less, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

My degree is already helping me, we’ve enacted some of the strategies that I’ve learned in the classroom which is great.”

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Meeting the Need of a Growing Workforce

What does the future of the workforce look like? According to the McKinsey Global Institute, automation will affect some of the largest job categories in the U.S., including office support, food service, production work and retail sales. The industries that offer the most opportunities for growth and stability include healthcare, engineering and hospitality.

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Healthcare Job
Growth by 2026


New Engineering
Jobs by 2024


Yearly Hospitality
Job Growth


Median Pay for Management
Positions Nationwide

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics

We definitely look to UCF to be a partner… We know that their training and curriculum matches up with a lot of the skills we’re looking for.”

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Support Built on a Solid Foundation

A leader in online education, UCF understands that online learning requires a different approach to helping you stay engaged and succeed. The UCF Online Connect Center provides a dedicated staff of coaches who personally support you — from deciding if online is a good fit for you through graduation. Our coaches are equipped to help you with work/school/life balance, navigate the university’s many systems, and connect you with the resources you need.

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